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Below are new scams related to COVID-19 that have been identified by or reported to Citi and tips to help keep you safe:

Clinic or Hospital Official Impersonation

Scammers are calling individuals posing as clinic or hospital officials claiming that a relative of the victim has fallen sick with the virus and request payments for medical treatment.


What you can do to protect yourself

Stay Alert by practicing heightened awareness and being wary of people calling/emailing posing as medical facilities soliciting payment for medical treatment.
Do not release financial or personal information without first confirming your loved ones are seeking medical treatment, or calling back directly to a hospital or physician's office to verify the need for payment information.


Phishing Emails Seeking Donations or Personal Information

Citi has been made aware of various emails claiming to be from national or global health authorities, with the aim of tricking victims to provide personal credentials, payment details, or to open an attachment containing malware.


What can you do to protect yourself

Validate the website is legitimate if you are being solicited to donate to a COVID–19 cause via e–mail. For example, Citi has seen reports of fraudulent websites that are trying to replicate the World Health Organization's COVID–19 Solidarity Response Fund (  Ensure you are visiting the correct URL.
Protect yourself from malware and phishing attacks by not opening attachments from unfamiliar sources, or providing website login credentials via e–mail.


You can also view other best practices on how to keep yourself safe at any time when it comes to phone, e–mail, or text message scams by going here.

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